April 1st at 7:00pm. 

This meeting will be held at the Rose Caracappa Center in Mount Sinai.

A Golden Artist Colors Lecture /Demo.from  Roy Kinzer of Golden.
Watermedia – Mixed Media – And More
In this lecture/demo we will explore the vast potential of GOLDEN Gels, Mediums and Pastes. Many of GOLDEN’s products fall in the category of “Watermedia”. Come learn the wide range of techniques that they can be used for, from traditional uses, to printing to college and much more. Learn how to extend your paint by as much as 70% and create any desired texture and effect. Did you know GOLDEN acrylic Gels, Mediums and Pastes are great adhesives for mixed media work?
This lecture/demo will also help to demystify pigments. We will compare the slow drying OPEN Acrylic Colors with Heavy Body Acrylic Colors. We will also compare Fluid Acrylics Colors to High Flow Acrylics, which has an ink-like consistency. You will learn about controlling drying time, as well as techniques associated with oils, such as wet-into-wet and glazing.
Introducing QoR Modern Watercolors (pronounced “core”) the first major improvement to watercolors in 150 years! Check out these paints, the colors are so intense!
 All participants receive a free packet of GOLDEN samples.
Roy Kinzer has exhibited extensively and is currently represented by Falcon Power. He received the prestigious Pollock-Krasner award 2004. He was invited to be the 2017 Artist-in-Residency at the Newark Academy, the Academy purchased a painting for their school. He has completed numerous commissions, the most recent Grant Thornton LLC, San Jose, 2017; Providence Strategic Growth, Providence, 2016; Price Waterhouse Coopers, Boston, 2015, Grant Thornton LLC, Manhattan, 2014 and the Hyatt Regency New Orleans, in 2011. In 2013 after being included in “Art and Science” at the Freyberger Gallery, Penn State Berks in Reading PA the University acquired four of his paintings for their new renovated science building. He has an M.F.A. (Vermont College) and a Certificate of Art (Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Art). His paintings are aerial landscapes derived from altered maps and satellite images.

October 1, 2018: 7;00pm

Art Licensing – Diane Vacher,
Owner of Steve Kaufman Art Licensing LLC 


Diane Vacher will explain how your art work can be worth more than what you sell it for. How an image of your art can also generate money through licensing the image to be used on products. She will discuss the importance of copyrighting your art, how to do it, the costs and how to reach out to companies that use art images on their items.  She will also cover the basic laws of copyrights and what to have included in a contract to protect yourself and your work.

Monday April 3, 2017 7:00 pm

In attendance: see separate attendance sheet
Mac Titmus, President
Lorraine Rimmelin will be giving a water color demonstration tonight. There are artist materials brought in by members on the back table. Take what you like.
Arts on Terry– June 4 12-6 We were asked to participate. Sponsored by Patchouge Arts 10x 20 booth, free of charge, no commission. First come first serve. We need a few more artists that would want to participate.
NSAG Exhibit We met on March 16 at Holiday Inn to discuss the
October NSAG show at the Port Jefferson Village Center.  About 15 or 16 people were in attendance.  We have decided that we will not be having a benefit Show this year.  There was no one that stepped up willing to take charge of it. Instead we will do a Members show. Some details we have now:
– Members show will run from Oct. 1– end of month, close to the 31st
-Each member will have one submission
-Drop off will be on Oct. 1, 2017 from 10am til 12 noon
-Reception will be Saturday Oct. 14 from 4-6pm
-We will discuss more at our next meeting
– If anyone has connections for food we could use some help
Next months meeting will be a critique. Feel free to bring a piece of your art for critique.
Gallery Report, Christoper Alexander
This Sunday,  April 9 from 12:30- 1:30 will be the pick up for The Loyalty Show exhibit and drop off for the next show.  All artists with something in that show please come get your art.
Next exhibit will be Living Things That runs from April 9 -June 11
Opening Reception May 4. The cut off for submission is tonight.  If there is not enough art for exhibit then artists will be asked in order of when they submitted to add another piece for no additional cost.
The following show will be Flower Power running June 11- August 13.
Treasurers Report, Lynellen Nielsen
Currently have $6,329.07 in account
That is our normal operating budget
Website information, Lynellen Nielsen
I would like to swap out the images I currently have on the website because I have not changed them in a while
I have left a handout on the tables explaining it
If you’d like your images on the website email them to me treasurer@northshoreartguild.com
New members please email some images of your art
I can crop it if need be
Lorraine Rimmelin 
Watercolor demonstration

Monday March 6, 2017 7:00 PM

Mac Titmus, President
Free frames donated by Amy Tuthill from PJ Arts, take what you want.
Art Expo- April 21-24 Pier 94
Tickets sell for $100 for week
$20 for 1 admit, $15 for senior citizens
Free tickets available. Email Mac if interested
Arts on Terry– June 4 12-6 We were asked to participate. Sponsored by Patchouge Arts 10x 20 booth, free of charge, no commission. First come first serve.
NSAG Exhibit Meeting on March 16  @ 7:00 at Holiday Inn dining area for October NSAG show at the Port Jefferson Village Center.
Treasurers Report, Lynellen Nielsen
Currently have $6,570.13 in account
Donated a check to Autism speaks
All members can get one free show at Expressions gallery
Rob Roehrig will be the featured Artist of the month at LIM Arts. A a sample of his works will be on display in the lobby of the LIM through The month of March.
Lorraine Rimmelin 
Will leave a flyer with information about an Auction April 2 2:00- 6:00 @ Mastic Beach Property Owners Association. To benefit One Breast Stroke, Visiting Nurse Hospice. Admission is 1 piece of Artwork for table, 10 Artists. If you’d like to attend the event it’s $8 at the door. 100% donated to Hospice. Wine and refreshment served. She will be doing a demo on April 3
Gallery Report, Christoper Alexander
  • The Loyalty Show opening March 9 5:30-7:30
  • 11 Artists that have contributed to all or most of the exhibits will each show 3 pieces in that exhibit runs until April 9
  • Next exhibit will be Living Things To be hung on April 9
  • Opening Reception May 4
  • Every member can exhibit in 1 Show for free
  • There are usually 20-22 artists in each exhibit
  • If there is not enough art for exhibit artists will be asked in order of when they submitted to add another piece for no additional cost
Walter Becker,  Heritage Trust Assoc.
  • Heritage Park also know as The Wedge and the Jewel of Suffolk County
  • Gave some information on the history of the Park and some plans they have for the future of the Park
  • Wants some feed back if Artists from NSAG are interested in a fundraiser for May 21
  • Possibly have 50 tables for Artists to display and sell their work
  • Tables will cost $50 each
  • Assoc. will take care of the marketing (signage, mailings, newspaper)
  • Will send around a sign up sheet for those interested
  • He is also the President of the Garden Conservatory(?) and has an award winning garden in his yard.  Invited any Artists who want to paint in his garden in June or July
Liam Alexander, Guest Speaker Awesome!

Monday February 6, 2017

Mac Titmus, President

  • Critique tonight. Sally Anne will be leading it
  • 2013 had 89 members currently have 142
  • Many of us don’t know most of the members.
  • In an effort to get to know each other better we are going to have members present themselves and their work.
  • Bring in a few pieces of their work and discuss them, their education, inspiration, process etc.
  • 9-10 members that have signed up to do it thus far
  • Each meeting one person will present before the critique/speaker/demonstrator.
  • One meeting we may just have 4-5 people present
  • Tonight we have Fred Mendelson giving the first of those presentations.
  • Hildegard from North Shore Public Library passed away. In April Library will honor her life with an exhibit.
  • Also Art Forum will be having something for her next Wed.Benefit/ Artist show in PJ village Center in Oct 2017
  • Mac will not be running it but will be an advisor
  • Someone has to step up, not a huge job.
  • Can divey up work. 2-3 people can lead it together
  • Sign up on the committee list if interested
  • Will have a meeting in early MarchNew Members:
  • Barbara Hutter from Rocky Point does portraits, wildlife, and nature pastels
    Has an exhibit from now til the end of February at North Shore Public Library
  • Jan Guarino new to area, watercolorist, Graphic designer, new teacher at Art League of Long Island teaching Fearless Watercolor also teaches at Chelsea Mansion. Creations Magazine designs the cover and poetry page.
  • Rachel Swartz, knitter specializing in faire isle stranded color work, also makes stuffed teddy bears. Found out about us on the web.
  • Jen Riggie, photographer was an editor at food and wine magazine
  • Lorraine Rimmelin belongs to Watercolorists Association, teacher at ALLI teaches Intro to Watercolor Painting and Acknowledging the Negative: A Watercolorist’s Guide to Negative Space. Will be doing a demo on April 3

Treasurers Report

  • The $20,000 check we donated to SB has not yet cleared so we have excess of funds.
  • Total in account is currently $26,203.81
  • Will go back to working capital once SB check clears
  • New members can pick up cards from me tonight
  • Members that have not yet paid dues can do it tonightGallery Report
  • Pick up for The Natural World will be on Sunday Feb 12 from 12:30-1:30
  • The Loyalty Show will be hung at that time
  • 11 Artists that have contributed to all or most of the exhibits will each show 3 pieces in that exhibit
  • Runs from Feb 12- April 9
  • Opening Reception on March 9
  • Next exhibit will be Living Things April 9
  • Each paying member will now be able to exhibit 1 time for free

Monday Janurary 9, 2017

Mac Titmus, President:
  • If you are not on the email list and receiving email updates about our meeting then you must give Lynellen your contact information.  During the winter months meeting may be cancelled at short notice. If you are not in the email list you can be contacted by phone.
  • In the last 2 years we have given $30,000 to charity from our Expressions Gallery and Events at the Port Jefferson Village Center.
  • Going forward we are unsure of what we will be doing next year
  • If we do another charity event with Stony Brook University Hospital we would like for them to take a heavier load.
  • If not we may decide to use the space for a members show
Chris Alexander, Gallery Coordinator:
  • The current exhibit The Natural World is hung and running until Feb. 12
  • The opening is on Jan 25, 2017 from 5:30-7:30
  • We are in need of 2 pieces of art for donations for the raffles.  All raffles go to Stony Brook Children’s Hospital
    • Lynnellen Nielsen offered a piece
    • Vito Marrone offered a piece these are to be brought the night of opening reception
  • Next exhibit will be the Loyalty show.  The board had decided to appreciate the artists that have consistently exhibited in the Gallery by offering them a group show.   The following artists have been given the opportunity to bring (3) pieces  to the Loyalty exhibit.  Opening Reception is on March 9
    • Stella Castro
    • Christopher R
    • Don Wilson
    • MaryAnne Vetter
    • Linda Waston
    • Donna Stapleton
    • Vito Marrone
    • Gay Gatta
    • Fred Mendelson
    • Mac Titmus
    • Christopher Alexander
Mac Titmus, President:
  • Wanted to make all members aware of an interview that 2 of our members did on the Port Jefferson Pulse.  Chris Alexander and Marge were interviewed to promote the North Shore Art Guild.
  • In addition Marge, who has been given the task of advertising has gotten into several publications.
  • Artist opportunity in Sayville Catbird Seat  The information is on the handout sheet.  Looks like the deadline is Jan. 28.  Please take a sheet if interested.
Lynellen Nielsen, Treasurer:
  • Bank account balance is in excess of $28,000 right now.  It is inflated right now due to the following reasons:
    • membership dues are coming in
    • have not yet paid for the renewal of software
    • new members that came in from the show
    • The funds for Stony Brook Hospital from the fundraiser are still in the account.
    • On Jan. 20 we are presenting the check to the Hospital.
    • After the expenses of about $2,500 which consisted of advertisements, paper goods and printing of program, the remainder was $20,000.
    • The event was a great turnout in large part to our President, Mac.
Guest Speaker: